Sig Sauer P320 X-five Legion

Sig Sauer has now released an updated version of the P320 X-Five, and the first edition of the P320 series into SIG’s Legion lineup of elite pistols: the SIG Sauer P320 X-Five Legion.

The SIG Sauer P320 was already one of the most innovative striker-fired pistols when it was first released. Being a truly modular design that would allow you to move the internal firearm chassis components of the pistol into a larger or smaller frame (giving you essentially multiple pistols in one). The P320 was also adopted as the new sidearm by the United States military to replace the Beretta M9 in 2017. SIG has produced multiple versions of the P320, including the competition-grade pistol called the P320 X-Five, which comes with an array of features designed to make the gun much more user-friendly for competitive use. This P320 X-Five Legion will no doubt be another great addition to this family of pistols.


p320 x-five legion 2


Chambered for 9mm Luger, the P320 X-Five Legion comes optics ready from the factory and with a variety of neat features designed to make the weapon as pleasant to shoot as possible.

Let’s talk about this pistol and what it has to offer in greater detail:

Specifications and Features

The SIG Sauer P320 X-Five Legion has a total weight of 43.5 ounces with the magazine, a height of 5.8 inches, width of 1.6 inches, barrel length of 5 inches, and an overall length of 8.5 inches.


p320 x-five legion 4

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Legion pictured alongside the Sig P365 XL. 

But it’s really the features of the P320 X-Five Legion that make it stand out and not just its specs. In addition to tungsten infused grip module for superior durability over other P320 models, the X-Five Legion also comes with a match grade bull barrel, a stainless steel guide rod with a fourteen-pound spring, a skeletonized trigger, and an optics ready slide that is compatible with a standard DeltaPoint Pro-Optic or SIG Sauer’s own ROMEO1PRO red dot.


p320 x-five legion 3

The sights are also adjustable and the pistol ships with three 17-round magazines, with anodized aluminum base pads that can stand up to more wear and tear than a standard P320 magazine. The base pads also have the Legion logo and texturing that make them easier to grab onto when your hands are wet or slippery, so you can facilitate faster reloads while under stress. The enlarged magazine well of the X-Five Legion also makes faster reloads easier as well.

Pros/Cons of the XFIVE Legion

There are very few cons to consider with the X-Five Legion. First of all, this is a big and heavy competition-grade pistol, and not the best suited for concealed carry. But then again, SIG did not design this pistol for concealed carry, as it’s intended for competitive use.  The heavier weight is meant to keep recoil down, allowing for faster follow up shots while competing. One con with the X-Five Legion, however, is the fact that it ships with three 17-round magazines, whereas the standard X-Five ships with four 21-round magazines. You would think that the X-Five Legion, being an upgraded model, would ship with the larger capacity magazines. Fortunately, the 21-round magazines can be easily purchased separately to use with your X-Five Legion.

The pros to the X-Five Legion far outweigh the cons. The stainless steel guide rod is a big improvement durability-wise over the standards polymer guide rod, the flared mag well enables faster reloads, the tungsten infused polymer grip module adds much durability to the gun, and the pistol will even accept 1911-style recoil springs, which are far more common and affordable than normal P320 springs.

All in all there are many more advantages than there are disadvantages to the P320 XFive Legion, just keep in mind that this is a heavier pistol designed for competition use, so if you’re looking for a gun for concealed carry, the XFive Legion will admittedly not be the best choice for that role.

Upgrades Compared To Other P320 Models

The P320 X-Five Legion has numerous upgrades in comparison to other P320 pistols, including the previous P320 X-Five. Easily the biggest difference between the X-Five and the X-Five Legion is the frame, and specifically the fact that tungsten has been infused into the grip module.

The result of having a tungsten-infused grip module is that the X-Five Legion is not only more durable than the previous iteration of the X-Five, but considerably heavier as well. Whereas the standard X-Five weighs thirty-five ounces, the X-Five Legion weighs forty-three ounces. This means that the X-Five Legion will be much flatter shooting on the range than the original X-Five. Recoil will be more minimal, and you can make faster and more accurate follow-up shots. Furthermore, many shooters report that the X-Five Legion feels more balanced in the hand than the original X-Five, further contributing to its flat shooting qualities and overall greater handling.

p320 x-five legion 1

The next big upgrade to the X-Five Legion is the stainless steel guide rod that will work with 1911 recoil springs, which are very easy to find. The standard P320 has a polymer guide rod that is not compatible with 1911 recoil springs, so this is a noteworthy improvement.

The X-Five Legion also has a larger magazine well to facilitate faster reloads than standard versions of the P320, and slight lightening cuts on the slide that reduce the reciprocating mass and center of gravity, further helping to make the gun more flat shooting. Finally, one of the biggest upgrades of the X-Five Legion over previous P320 models is the skeletonized trigger. Whereas the standard P320 comes with a factory OEM flat trigger, the skeletonized trigger of the X-Five Legion creates a much smoother and lighter trigger pull, perfect for competitive shooting.

Overall the X-Five Legion has far more upgrades to it than any version of the P320 pistol that has come before it. So long as you use the X-Five Legion for its intended use as a competition pistol, it will absolutely excel in the role. Check out Sig Sauer’s press release here.


In essence, the SIG Sauer X-Five Legion is the most heavily upgraded P320 pistol out there, and it certainly stands out on the competitive pistol shooting market thanks to its array of impressive features, balanced feel, and flat shooting qualities. Is the X-Five Legion the greatest competition pistol ever made? Maybe or maybe not, but either way, there’s still no question that it’s very high quality and an attractive option for competitive pistol shooting.

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